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Students working with glass

Students working with glass

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Patrons enjoying the many artisan Holiday Nogs and Gloog along with 

community fellowship

Group Batik


One of many different techniques for the students to experience

About the event

 Tulsa Arts District Business Association will host the Sixth Annual First Lady Nog Off on Sunday, November 25th. All proceeds from the First Lady Nog Off will benefit the Art Department of Emerson Elementary School, which is located just north of downtown Tulsa. Both Egg Nog and Glogg (mulled wine) will be presented for your evaluation.

For more information and to purchase tickets or contribute, go to http://www.thetulsaartsdistrict.org/sixth-annual-first-lady-nog

Sixth Annual First Lady NOG OFF

307 E M B Brady Street, Tulsa, OK 74103

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